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Intro Package:

  • 2 Private Lessons (30 min each)
  • 1 Group Lesson (we recommend Beginner Series)
  • 1 Dance/practice part


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LaBlast Fitness @Footnotes!

What is LaBlast?

LaBlast is a dance fitness program based on all the dances seen on Dancing with the Stars created by former DWTS professional, Louis Van Amstel.

It is partner free and uses a wide variety of music in the program.

LaBlast is designed for all levels- from the absolute beginner to the experienced dancer. It is a multi- level program at which students can progress at their own rate.

The result is a high- energy class experience that makes you want to dance!

Louis’ mission for LaBlast is simple: to get people from all corners of the world, regardless of fitness level or background moving and dancing, while bringing awareness to fitness and fighting obesity.

Ashleigh and Trish love the LaBlast concept and jumped on board right away. They have a passion for fitness and dance.. So why not combine the two!

LaBlast Schedule

Monday/ Wednesday 6:15pm & Wednesday 9:30pm.
Purchase a $30 month pass and take unlimited LaBlast classes or Drop in is $10

Wedding Packages

Joanna & Dil

Top off your special day with a wedding dance you’ll cherish forever. At Footnotes, we will guide you through the steps with confidence and fun to teach you the perfect dance for your special day.

  • Make a lasting impression
  • Discover something new about your partner
  • Express your love without saying a word
  • Connect through ballroom dancing

Wedding Packages

Wedding Express: learn an entrance and ending with a few basic patterns in between to feel confident during your special dance.
6 Private Lessons $450

Classic Wedding: learn a beautifully choreographed dance to your song of choice and dance it with confidence
12 Private Lessons $864

Storybook Wedding: learn the dance of your dreams choreographed to fit your favorite song. Really wow your friends and family.. and even each other with this special dance.
18 Private Lessons $1,260

Liz & Devin

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